12 Brand New Prayers To Choose From!

Just check to the right the box of 2 or 3 Prayer Seeds you would like to plant.  Right away we will prepare and mail to you beautiful, full size, brand new Fellowship prayers… words of faith to help you plant Seeds of Prayers that can help grow the personal blessings you need most at this time in your life!

Here are some samples of our prayers. The prayers you receive will be much longer than what you see below.

  1. Feel Safe — O Lord, I don’t want to be afraid any longer. I pray You will help me feel safe again! -Amen.
  2. Free From Debt — Dear Lord, my debt feels like a heavy weight upon me. Please show me how to lighten this burden! – Amen.
  3. Radiant Health — Father, my body is ailing, even though my spirit is holding its own. Please strengthen both so I can feel good! – Amen.
  4. A Good Neighbor — O Lord, I want to be a better friend and neighbor to those around me. I pray for Your help to do this! – Amen.
  5. Succeed In Business — I have started a new business, Lord, and want very much for it to succeed. Please lend me Your advice! -Amen.
  6. My Children — It is important to keep children safe in today’s World. Please watch over my kids, Lord, and help them be happy! – Amen.
  7. Special Wish — Lord, I’ve waited a long time to tell you about my Special Wish. I hope You can help me achieve it! – Amen.
  8. Partner In My Life — At this point in my life I no longer want to be alone, Dear Lord. Please help me find the right partner! – Amen.
  9. Family Happiness — I love my family, Heavenly Father. Please help us rekindle the warm feelings we once had! -Amen.
  10. Strong Faith — I think of myself as a person of faith, Lord, but I want to be better! Help me make faith a cornerstone of my life! – Amen.
  11. Protect Our Military — Father, I pray for the men and women serving in our Armed Forces. Please look out for them as they keep us safe! – Amen.
  12. Guide My Steps — Be my compass in life’s journey, 0 Lord, so I stay on the path You have chosen for me! – Amen.

Fellowship’s Seeds of Prayer

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