You Have A Friend In Jesus E-Booklet

By January 20, 2015September 1st, 2015news


You Have a Friend in Jesus

What could make you feel happier than to know you have a true friend. . . someone to share your hopes and dreams with… someone to understand and comfort you in times of need?

Well, you do have a wonderful friend like that! And Fellowship has prepared this beautiful Gift E-Booklet “You’ve Got A Friend In Jesus” to assure you of that fact. It shows in many different ways how you can have deeper, more personal feelings for the Lord. In song and story, in poem and Scripture, in thought and prayer, our e- booklet will help you come to realize what a dear companion He is!
In turning from page to page we hope you will see no matter what happens in life, the Lord is there to love and guide you. He is your friend now and forever!

Let this e-booklet be a helpful reminder of just how much the Lord and His friendship can mean for you. We hope it brings you much joy, for it has been our great pleasure to prepare it for you!

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