We Invite You To Be Part Of Fellowship’s Worldwide Prayer Week!

On August 4, please share with us a World of Faith and Prayer with WORLDWIDE PRAYER WEEK!

Just picture in your mind what it would be like to hold hands, in spirit, with hundreds upon hundreds of like-minded folks all over the globe and pray for FAMILY BLESSINGS * LOVE BLESSINGS * HEALTH BLESSINGS * PROSPERITY BLESSINGS * GUIDANCE BLESSINGS * PERSONAL BLESSINGS * AND FAITH BLESSINGS!

And picture, too, that the Lord is holding each and every person safe in His Hands while you share your prayers. It’s a beautiful picture, isn’t it, Dear Friend!

How long has it been since you joined Him in prayer to seek His blessings in a loving, unselfish way? How long since you gave thanks for His unfailing kindness and goodness? Do you want to experience the peace that comes from being closer to Him with every word of every prayer? Now is the time!

Fellowship’s Worldwide Prayer Week
Beginning For You and Members near and far
On Sunday, August 4, 2019!


When People Everywhere Share Prayers Of Faith . . .


Dear Friend. This seven days of praying together with unselfish faith have brought blessings to so many people everywhere. One nice lady, Mrs. Rena A., from New York, actually wrote to say, “I worried so much about myself and my Dear Ones, but during Prayer Week I just left my troubles in the Hands of the Lord, and He has blessed me with new strength and happiness!”

And then we heard from Member Julia R., who lives in Chicago and wrote “I thank God and My Fellowship Family. I was painfully depressed and nervous, but thanks to our last Prayer Week all that has changed … no more pain, no more bad nerves
… and I feel restored in the Lord.” And we have to share a few words from our Good Friend Kathleen O., who wrote us from Miami, “He is blessing me and
my family with health and prosperity. . . It makes me so thankful that my Fellow Members everywhere prayed for me … just as I was praying for them.”

You can’t imagine how good it makes us feel to know that we were able to help these folks find better times through the power of Fellowship’s Worldwide Prayer Week. That’s why we keep this beloved tradition coming your way two times every year. And we hope it will always be a wonderful part of your life.