Excerpt from the book… “We are never alone in the world, Dear Member. Our lives are entwined with those of others from the very day of our birth, Mother, father, sisters, brothers, friends and neighbors. The people we love weave a tapestry of warmth and endearment that brings color and joy to our existence!

“As you read along, put names to the people you meet on these pages. Think-of each one personally – and consider how pleased you would be to know that God has blessed that special person to find greater joy and contentment in life. This is such a personal book, Dear Member. For it is like giving a thank you gift to everyone who is important to you.”

First published in 1985, this favorite book of Life-Study Fellowship is still relevant today. For a donation of $15.00 we will rush this book to you.

Asking God To Bless The People I Love