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Strength For The Day: Little Prayers For Life’s Everyday Situations

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Strength For The Day

Little Prayers For Life’s Everyday Situations

My Roof 

Dear Heavenly Father, I have a very simple prayer. My roof is in bad shape and I pray it won’t fail during a bad storm. I can’t afford to replace it right now, so I need it to last for a while. If the roof can just make it through the upcoming rainy season, I would be so happy. By then, maybe I will be able to pay for a new roof, and everything will be OK. — Amen

Prayer For Independence
Dearest Lord, I’m getting on in years and I’m not as spry as I used to be. That doesn’t bother me by itself, but there is something else I think about often. I wonder who will be there to care for me if I become ill? I pray I can remain independent during these golden years of my life, Father. Please give me the strength and willpower to live life on my own! –– Amen

Days Of Summer
School is out, and children everywhere are celebrating their freedom. Lord, I say a prayer for their safety, for we must all look out for kids playing outside this time of year. Bless them and their parents, and let these families enjoy their time together visiting friends, relatives, and seeing the sights of this wonderful country. — Amen

Good Friends
I offer a prayer of thanks for good friends, O Lord, the kind of friends who stick with you when times are tough, not just when they’re easy. Let me always be a good companion to such true friends, and offer them my good faith and trust. I truly am grateful for this blessing, Father. Like all good things, it comes from You. — Amen

Birthday Wishes
Today, I say a prayer and offer my best wishes to all who celebrate summer birthdays, O Lord. It is a beautiful time of year to mark one’s day of birth, soaking up the summer sun among loved ones. For all who are so blessed, I pray you savor the warmth and love of well-wishers, and enjoy your special day. May God bless you the rest of the year, too! — Amen